Warcraft Rumble Minis - Elemental Trait

Warcraft Rumble Minis can be filted by Type, Placement Cost, Gold Cost, Faction, Trait, and more!

In the game of Warcraft Rumble, players use Warcraft Rumble Minis as their game pieces for both offense and defense. These Warcraft Rumble Minis come in various types, with each team consisting of a Leader and six Troops. The Leader holds a pivotal role in shaping your team, around which you select the accompanying Troops. Leaders feature exclusive Leader Abilities that support teams, enhance their own abilities, or reduce the cost of other Troops.

Each Mini belongs to a specific Faction, has a placement cost, and different traits that describe their strengths and weaknesses. Players will unlock their Mini's talents through gameplay. Utilizing minis with the correct traits is an important part of gameplay strategy. You can check out our Warcraft Rumble Builds (coming soon) for advice for specifc encounters.